Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012: Winter Wonderland & Sasquatch

    Woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow. I love snow when it's fresh. It looks like mother nature put fresh icing on a cake. Also it makes it feel more like Christmas. And that warms me up like hot coco with marshmallows , yummy.
     The day started off pretty well actually. We got a knock on the door by a young guy that obviously had some mental development issues. He asked us if we would let him shovel our walk for a couple of bucks. And if we didn't want to pay him he would do it anyway. We told him we could pay him three bucks if he wanted. He seemed pretty pleased and did our walk. Melissa made him some hot coco, and he was telling us how he was doing this to buy his mother a gift for Christmas. We thought that was pretty neat. He finished up, we wished him a Merry Christmas, then he went on his way leaving us with a clear walk way.
     Then I turned on the television to watch the Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowboys. Living out here I don't get to watch the Bengals very often.Which is probably a good thing, because they blew it today. Dallas didn't win that game as much as the Bengals lost that game. You can't win if your wide receivers can't hold on to very catchable balls. They had three sure fire TD's that they dropped. Plus numerous drops on third downs that could of continued drives that would of kept the Dallas offense off the field. Then it seemed the Bengals case of the "droppies" spread to their defense too, when three sure fire interceptions were also dropped. It was pathetic. When their head coach, Marvin Lewis, watches the tape, he's going to need a drink. But all is not lost for the Bengals, the Steelers and Ravens lost today keeping the Bengals in the hunt. Also the Brownies won today.
     Another reason I love snow. After the game I looked out the back window to see a gang of slate colored juncos fly into our back yard and start hopping around looking for seeds. They can see them better in the snow I guess. I love watching those little guys jump, flutter and chirp around. They look like little puffballs. While the juncos were rummaging around on the ground, there was a downy woodpecker pecking around on the fence. It was really neat to see all this bird action. That's when I realized I had a fresh block of suet that I could put out for the little buggers. I put that out, and I hope they find it quick. i also need to make sure to get some birdseed for the other birds too.
     After putting the suet out. Rudy and I went into the garage and got some Christmas lights and put them out on the front fence. I need to get some more strands for the windows I think. I love Christmas lights. I wish I could just do up my house like crazy. But living in an old house, over hundred years old, the electricity isn't set up for that. In fact we don't have any outside outlets. So, you can't put a whole lot out. I would love to get an electrician and have them put some outlets out there and stuff, but it costs money we don't have at the moment. Just something else to put on the list. Come on Publishing Clearing House, knock on our door.
     After that I made some Schroeder magic. No it's not what you think, get your minds out of the gutter people. It's when I look in the refrigerator and cupboards and take what we have and make a killer dinner out of it. Melissa coined that term, and she can be very annoying when she wants me to do some Schroeder magic. All kidding aside, I used my creativity today to make a nice indian inspired chicken curry. It was super yummy in my belly.
    The rest of the day was very uneventful. Being Sunday and all I like to veg. Ok I veg a lot, but Sundays are really meant for that aren't they? Doesn't it cover that somewhere in the bible? You know, the whole, on the seventh day he rested thingy.Who can argue with that? I surely ain't. I spent the rest of the day razzing Melissa and watching Finding Bigfoot on television. Mainly because I'm curious if they ever will find him. And, according to them, sasquatch is everywhere, yet no one has irrefutable scientific proof he exists. If they want proof, all they have to do is check out my neighbor Jerry's house. He's squatchy.

    Call me an optimist but this is what I hope the first interaction between Sasquatch and humans will be like.

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