Thursday, November 22, 2012

Does anyone miss me as much as I miss you?

I miss you. but the question is do you miss me just as much?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday November 16th Nothing Exciting But Wafer Cookies

   After last nights exciting post this one's going to be pretty boring. Today was one of those days where nothing of note really happened or no epiphanies were reached.
    The highlight of the day had to be getting my first paycheck from my new place of employment. It's been over a month, and a lot of looking underneath seat cushions, since I had a steady flow of cash. So it felt good to be putting money into the bank.
     Since we had some money in our account we figured the pantry and fridge shelves needed to be stocked  so we headed to the local grocery store to do just that. But a word of caution. You should always go grocery shopping on a full stomach because if you don't you'll be buying things you want instead of what you need. After an hour and a half and almost $200 later, I'm pretty sure half the stuff we bought wasn't really needed for basic subsistence, we headed for the checkout lanes. You know you bought a lot when people getting in line behind you look for another lane to go through because they don't want to wait for you to check out. The cashier asked us if we found everything we needed. We told him yes and we think we left some stuff for the other shoppers. He rang us up and as our receipt printed the machine actually ran out of paper. As he replaced it he commented he had never seen that before. He printed the rest of the receipt and wished us a good day.
      We got home and were putting things away I started noticing the many frivolous buys and tried to justify their purchase. Hostess Snowballs, we had to buy because with Hostess's demise we will never have the opportunity to savor them again. Cheez-It's we need something to snack on in between meals. And wafer cookies, come on they are just so damn yummy. And why is that? Does anybody know why wafer cookies are so damn good? I don't think anyone knows. But why question such a great thing right? After we were finished putting everything away I stepped back and took stock of the situation. Our cupboards are full, the fridge is over flowing. We are now ready for a blizzard, any other natural disaster or a zombie apocalypse. And that makes me feel good. So let's crack open those wafer cookies.

Thursday Nov 15th Taking my Shirt off For a Good Cause.

    Sorry about the late post, but I slept in today due to the festivities I participated in last night.
Because of my television appearances for Cheers Liquor Mart  I was asked to participate in an event that Cheers Liquor Mart and I feel very strongly about, National Mill Dog Rescue . They held their  Holiday Hounds at the Warehouse restaurant here in Colorado Springs It was so great, they had free tastings from Cheer Liquor Marts many vendors plus restaurants and other great businesses from around the Pikes Peak region. But the major stars from last night had to be the dogs. They were all so sweet and personable even having been rescued from some of the worst living conditions one could imagine. There was one really sweet min pin that was being held like a baby by a volunteer and I approached her and she began licking my nose. I wanted to stuff her in my shirt and take her home with me. But then I thought that Rudy would get jealous and we can't have that. 
       The other great thing about last night were the free tastings. And that is why this post wasn't forthcoming until today. They had everything from wine, beer, vodka to moonshine. If you were an Irish man you would of died and gone to heaven. I enjoyed beers from Bristol, Lagunitas, Saranac, and Sierra Nevada to name just a few. Plus the Breckenridge Vodka and other offerings from the Breckenridge Distillery But the one thing that really stood out for me was the Crown Royal Maple I'm not much of a Crown Royal fan but this rare Canadian Whiskey was incredible. It was Canada in a bottle. It had the Crown Royal signature caramel vanilla nose. But the taste is where it took it to another level. The sweetness of the maple syrup came through the maltiness of the whiskey. It was so delicious. It tasted like you could of just poured it over a stack of pancakes and went to town. In fact I would argue that would be a great way to start the day off. Crown Royal Maple soaked flapjacks. This may take more research. 
       Another great thing about last night were all the awesome people that came out to support this very worthy cause. They were all so gracious with their time and their wallets to help make sure that more deserving dogs can be rescued and taken care of. I would like to think I have a few more friends because of last night. I also want to thank the people who personally contributed to me as I helped raise $170 by myself for the National Mill Dog Rescue organization. How did I do this do you ask? Well by exploiting my natural gifts of course. I took my shirt off and announced it would not go back on until I have raised $150. Well to say the money came quickly would be an understatement. My pockets filled with one's, five's, ten's and twenty's faster then a strippers garter belt after a pole dance.  I shot by the $150 mark to $170 dollars in less then fifteen minutes. Thanks everybody I greatly appreciate it, but the dogs appreciate it even more. It was an incredible night that I will not soon forget. I hope if you were there last night you won't forget it either.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012 What Up Dog?

    Today was pretty uneventful, until I got home. I opened the door and knew right away that something was astray. My cute fuzzy lil tater tot on toothpicks wasn't at the door barking excitedly like he normally is when I come home. I opened the door and the first thing I see is the face of my dog peeking out from behind the chair with a look of "Uh Oh he's home." I knew exactly what was going to welcome me in the kitchen. I turn the corner into the kitchen and almost tripped over the garbage can that was on it's side. There was trash scattered all over the floor. In fact you couldn't see the floor at all. There was even trash in the cat and dog water dishes. Then I turned around and saw that the destruction wasn't only limited to the kitchen but he also dragged trash into the living room and there were little pieces of tore up aluminum foil all over the place. I think he ate some of that. Great, that means he'll poop out little chunks of silver. I felt a swell of anger well up inside of me. I began to scream at the poor little creature. I yelled at him like he was a little person that could understand every thought I was communicating. But I know in all actuality, to him it just sounds like angry noise. He cowered low to the floor and began to shake as he slunk away behind the chair. I moved the chair with anger, but as soon as I saw the shape he was in and the those sad eyes looking at me while his body shivered I felt another feeling overcome me. It was guilt as I began to feel like as big of an asshole as Donald Trump. This poor little guy didn't deserve this. So I fell to my knees and began petting him and apologizing profusely. I was begging for his forgiveness. And that's whats great about dogs. He did forgive me happily . He started to lick my face and his body began to shake back and forth as he shook his tail so hard that I thought it was going to fall off. Dog's can teach us a lot. They can teach us the lesson of forgiveness and of unconditional love because all they want is for you to love them and they will love you in return no matter how much of a jerk you are. They can also teach the importance of living in the moment. They don't think of the stupid things you did to them a week ago or worry about whats going to happen tomorrow. They just know that right now you're rubbing their belly and they love it and they love you for it. Thanks Rudy for that lesson.

      But that wasn't all that happened to this guy today when he came home today from work. After the trash debacle was cleaned up and Rudy and I had made up, I got a very nice telephone call. I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but I have been know to do tv commercials from time to time around the country in places like Columbus, Casper, Milwaukee, Detroit, Omaha, Edmonton, Halifax and here in Colorado Springs. And today I got a phone call from the lady in charge of marketing at Cheers Liquor Mart. She had called me to ask if I wanted to a public appearance at their yearly wine and beer tasting. Of course I jumped at the chance. Turn down free booze, never. Then she asked me if I would like to do some public appearances at Cheers Liquor Mart several times this holiday season to hand out cookies and things to customers waiting in line. Apparently the lines get pretty long as people buy alcohol to help them get through the holidays. I again eagerly said yes. Then she asked me the kicker that really made my day. She asked me if I would do more commercials for them next year. Heck yes I will. Those things were fun. So let me apologize now to the fine folks of Colorado Springs. Looks like you're getting more of this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday November 13 City Builder

     Don't let the title fool you. I didn't spend this beautiful day helping building a better society or create harmony in the city I live in. No I did something that was much harder. I built an entire city with it's zoning, services, and infrastructure from the ground up. All the while keeping my citizens happy and employed. I am a demigod. Well at least in Sim City 4. That's right I wasted the entire day building a make believe city in a make believe world. How pathetic huh? I said to myself I would only play for thirty minutes. But as the buildings grew, and my tax revenue raised, I got caught up in the whole thing. Yes my SIMs need more education, I built them a school, then a college, and finally a University. Wait my city needs culture, so I build museums then an art museum, and finally an opera. My SIMs are now afraid of the crime wave sweeping through this growing city. I need more police stations and now I need a jail so that goes in. And so on and so on until 100'000's of new SIM's are flock to my utopia city. Then an expansion MLB baseball team wants to come to my city, I build a stadium for them. Suddenly they are cheering my name and want to build a giant statue of me. Of course why not? But let's make it a focal point of the cities gleaming new center. So I create a square surrounded by parks and landmarks. Then I build skyscrapers like the CNN tower and the Empire State Building. My city is becoming a metropolis. A shining beacon of hope and progress. And I am the leader of this Capital of Perfection. I am adored by my SIM's. They name children after me. Paint masterpieces of me. My birthday is a national holiday celebrated by them. This must be how Hitler felt. Of course minus all the persecution of the jews and warmongering. I am great. Call me Schroeder the Magnificent HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh)!!! Then suddenly the phone rings, and I am snapped back to reality and the realization that I just wasted six hours of my life that I will never get back. I'm not magnificent, I'm ridiculous.

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012 First post

     I always wanted to keep a journal but always got lazy and didn't write in it everyday. So I figured why not post a public journal on line. Maybe by making it public will light a fire under my ass to keep posting everyday? I guess we'll find out. I hope this journal will keep my thoughts straight and will be entertaining for anybody who decides to read it. But I am sure most day's will be filled with the dribble of my everyday life that no one, including me, will find interesting. But here we go.
    Today was Monday November 12, 2012 and 4:45 AM came way to early. When the alarm went off I thought about throwing it in the microwave and zapping it for 20 minutes. But then I thought, "well it's not really the alarms fault for going off. It's the man that forces me to get up and participate in this capitalist society . So I got up and and wiped the sleep out of my eye and ate a banana to get ready to face the day. And what a chilly day it was. Oh and by the way I think it should be illegal for anyone to have to get up before the sun rises. I mean the only thing up this early are the raccoons and the meth heads stealing copper.
    I got to work about 5:30Am at a retail store that will remain nameless. I spent the morning stocking the section of the store that contains everything from thank you cards to candles, to pens and pencils. I like it actually because as you start getting into the many boxes time just seems to fly by and the next thing you know it's time to go home.
    When I got home I was greeted at the door by my furry face Rudy. He's a happy mutt that is half corgi and half cattle dog. He looks like a tater tot on toothpicks. Just looking at him makes you smile.

Rudy is an old soul that we rescued from the humane society . And he always wants to be up in your grill.  He's so cute, like a sickly sweet cuteness that makes your belly ache like when you eat to much candy. He's a great companion, we consider him to be a blessing.
     After I got home I took a nap, I woke up a couple hours later to the smell of chili cooking on the stove. Melissa made some homemade turkey chili that was very good and cleared my sinuses. It was supper yummy in my belly. After dinner we watched a mini marathon of Finding Bigfoot. I am just wondering, when the hell are they actually going to find bigfoot. Come on already, these shows are all becoming redundant. A whole lot of looking and inconclusive evidence. I for one would just love it if some of these witnesses would actually shoot one. I mean, most of the time they have hunting rifles with them. Why the hell don't they just squeeze off a few rounds and the instant evidence. Come on man. And another thing. These people are to quick to think everything is a bigfoot. You hear that? Yes that's a bigfoot. Please, it's a coyote.
     Well, the evening is late and I am very tired. I hope you enjoyed the first of many journal entries. And please feel free to comment and give me feedback. I enjoy that. Good night readers.