Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8th 2012 One Day Closer

     It's Saturday December 8th, one day closer to the end for all of us. Pretty depressing to put it like that isn't it? But it's true, why sugar coat it. But it does make you realize what a gift today is, and that you shouldn't take it or the experiences and people from today for granted. Well, except for that butthole that cut me off this morning. Wait, let me try to stay positive though, maybe they were in a hurry for the birth of their first child, right? No they were just a jackass.
     Let's get back to this journal. Not much really happened today worth reporting, or any revelations worth mentioning and contemplating over. It was just your basic run of the mill day. Went to work this morning, got through it pretty easily due to the light truck. Got off, came home. Then a sense of relaxation came over me knowing that tomorrow I have it off. You get the, "I can stay up late and sleep in fuzzy's." Then you start thinking what are you going to do tomorrow for fun. Put's you in a good state of mind. I was greated at the door by  Rudy. He's super cute, especially when he shakes his tail so hard it makes his body shimmy. If you can go with out petting that little guy then you must be Hitler. He's the Bomb. Check him out.

 I'm sure I've shared his picture with all of you before, but he's just so darn cute. After that I took a shower. Watched Tv, then blogged on my other blog The Daily Fart and then wasted to much time on Facebook and Twitter. One cool thing though about my twitter experience today. Apparently Ralphie May, the famous comedian, which I do enjoy his comedy, must of been screwed over by American Airlines because he was going off on them. And he started a hashtag on Twitter that went like #FuckAmericanAirlines and people were making little jokes about American Airlines with that tag. If Ralphie May liked what you tweeted he would retweet it. Apparently he liked a few of mine and retweeted 3 of my posts. I know it's not much but I thought it was pretty cool. So that's a highlight of this very uneventful day.
       I've wasted enough time on here today, so I think I'll get off here and go downstairs, cook some dinner and watch the movie Red Tails that I got from the library. maybe after that grab a beer, but in all likely hood I'll just watch some tv then go to bed. I warned you guys, not all my daily journal posts were going to be masterpieces. Hope you keep reading them.

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