Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday Nov 15th Taking my Shirt off For a Good Cause.

    Sorry about the late post, but I slept in today due to the festivities I participated in last night.
Because of my television appearances for Cheers Liquor Mart  I was asked to participate in an event that Cheers Liquor Mart and I feel very strongly about, National Mill Dog Rescue . They held their  Holiday Hounds at the Warehouse restaurant here in Colorado Springs It was so great, they had free tastings from Cheer Liquor Marts many vendors plus restaurants and other great businesses from around the Pikes Peak region. But the major stars from last night had to be the dogs. They were all so sweet and personable even having been rescued from some of the worst living conditions one could imagine. There was one really sweet min pin that was being held like a baby by a volunteer and I approached her and she began licking my nose. I wanted to stuff her in my shirt and take her home with me. But then I thought that Rudy would get jealous and we can't have that. 
       The other great thing about last night were the free tastings. And that is why this post wasn't forthcoming until today. They had everything from wine, beer, vodka to moonshine. If you were an Irish man you would of died and gone to heaven. I enjoyed beers from Bristol, Lagunitas, Saranac, and Sierra Nevada to name just a few. Plus the Breckenridge Vodka and other offerings from the Breckenridge Distillery But the one thing that really stood out for me was the Crown Royal Maple I'm not much of a Crown Royal fan but this rare Canadian Whiskey was incredible. It was Canada in a bottle. It had the Crown Royal signature caramel vanilla nose. But the taste is where it took it to another level. The sweetness of the maple syrup came through the maltiness of the whiskey. It was so delicious. It tasted like you could of just poured it over a stack of pancakes and went to town. In fact I would argue that would be a great way to start the day off. Crown Royal Maple soaked flapjacks. This may take more research. 
       Another great thing about last night were all the awesome people that came out to support this very worthy cause. They were all so gracious with their time and their wallets to help make sure that more deserving dogs can be rescued and taken care of. I would like to think I have a few more friends because of last night. I also want to thank the people who personally contributed to me as I helped raise $170 by myself for the National Mill Dog Rescue organization. How did I do this do you ask? Well by exploiting my natural gifts of course. I took my shirt off and announced it would not go back on until I have raised $150. Well to say the money came quickly would be an understatement. My pockets filled with one's, five's, ten's and twenty's faster then a strippers garter belt after a pole dance.  I shot by the $150 mark to $170 dollars in less then fifteen minutes. Thanks everybody I greatly appreciate it, but the dogs appreciate it even more. It was an incredible night that I will not soon forget. I hope if you were there last night you won't forget it either.

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