Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012 First post

     I always wanted to keep a journal but always got lazy and didn't write in it everyday. So I figured why not post a public journal on line. Maybe by making it public will light a fire under my ass to keep posting everyday? I guess we'll find out. I hope this journal will keep my thoughts straight and will be entertaining for anybody who decides to read it. But I am sure most day's will be filled with the dribble of my everyday life that no one, including me, will find interesting. But here we go.
    Today was Monday November 12, 2012 and 4:45 AM came way to early. When the alarm went off I thought about throwing it in the microwave and zapping it for 20 minutes. But then I thought, "well it's not really the alarms fault for going off. It's the man that forces me to get up and participate in this capitalist society . So I got up and and wiped the sleep out of my eye and ate a banana to get ready to face the day. And what a chilly day it was. Oh and by the way I think it should be illegal for anyone to have to get up before the sun rises. I mean the only thing up this early are the raccoons and the meth heads stealing copper.
    I got to work about 5:30Am at a retail store that will remain nameless. I spent the morning stocking the section of the store that contains everything from thank you cards to candles, to pens and pencils. I like it actually because as you start getting into the many boxes time just seems to fly by and the next thing you know it's time to go home.
    When I got home I was greeted at the door by my furry face Rudy. He's a happy mutt that is half corgi and half cattle dog. He looks like a tater tot on toothpicks. Just looking at him makes you smile.

Rudy is an old soul that we rescued from the humane society . And he always wants to be up in your grill.  He's so cute, like a sickly sweet cuteness that makes your belly ache like when you eat to much candy. He's a great companion, we consider him to be a blessing.
     After I got home I took a nap, I woke up a couple hours later to the smell of chili cooking on the stove. Melissa made some homemade turkey chili that was very good and cleared my sinuses. It was supper yummy in my belly. After dinner we watched a mini marathon of Finding Bigfoot. I am just wondering, when the hell are they actually going to find bigfoot. Come on already, these shows are all becoming redundant. A whole lot of looking and inconclusive evidence. I for one would just love it if some of these witnesses would actually shoot one. I mean, most of the time they have hunting rifles with them. Why the hell don't they just squeeze off a few rounds and the instant evidence. Come on man. And another thing. These people are to quick to think everything is a bigfoot. You hear that? Yes that's a bigfoot. Please, it's a coyote.
     Well, the evening is late and I am very tired. I hope you enjoyed the first of many journal entries. And please feel free to comment and give me feedback. I enjoy that. Good night readers.

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