Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday November 16th Nothing Exciting But Wafer Cookies

   After last nights exciting post this one's going to be pretty boring. Today was one of those days where nothing of note really happened or no epiphanies were reached.
    The highlight of the day had to be getting my first paycheck from my new place of employment. It's been over a month, and a lot of looking underneath seat cushions, since I had a steady flow of cash. So it felt good to be putting money into the bank.
     Since we had some money in our account we figured the pantry and fridge shelves needed to be stocked  so we headed to the local grocery store to do just that. But a word of caution. You should always go grocery shopping on a full stomach because if you don't you'll be buying things you want instead of what you need. After an hour and a half and almost $200 later, I'm pretty sure half the stuff we bought wasn't really needed for basic subsistence, we headed for the checkout lanes. You know you bought a lot when people getting in line behind you look for another lane to go through because they don't want to wait for you to check out. The cashier asked us if we found everything we needed. We told him yes and we think we left some stuff for the other shoppers. He rang us up and as our receipt printed the machine actually ran out of paper. As he replaced it he commented he had never seen that before. He printed the rest of the receipt and wished us a good day.
      We got home and were putting things away I started noticing the many frivolous buys and tried to justify their purchase. Hostess Snowballs, we had to buy because with Hostess's demise we will never have the opportunity to savor them again. Cheez-It's we need something to snack on in between meals. And wafer cookies, come on they are just so damn yummy. And why is that? Does anybody know why wafer cookies are so damn good? I don't think anyone knows. But why question such a great thing right? After we were finished putting everything away I stepped back and took stock of the situation. Our cupboards are full, the fridge is over flowing. We are now ready for a blizzard, any other natural disaster or a zombie apocalypse. And that makes me feel good. So let's crack open those wafer cookies.

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