Friday, February 15, 2013

Valubale Life Lesson. Please, Take Head!

The past year I might have seemed different. Not myself. Well there is a reason. I spent the last year dealing with the worst mistake in my life. A DUI. But by Tuesday I will be done & off probation. I am a better person now.This past year I had to deal with my stupidity and had to look at myself in the mirror and make a change. I am a better person and in a better place now because of it and I found out what mattered most and who cared about me, I'm stronger because of it. I never said anything because I was completely embarrased by it. And the thing that bugged me the most about it wasn't the fact I got caught. But what I could of done to somebody completely innocent. I thank God everyday I didn't hurt somebody else. I would not of been able to live with myself if I hurt someone else. Someone was looking out for me in that regard. I'm not saying I'm going to stop drinking anymore, because i love beer to much for that. But I will be forever changed and responsible now. I finally grew up. I will always have a plan when I decide to drink. And if anyone can learn from me, please, if you go out and drink always have a plan, do not ever get behind a wheel of a car, don't do it. It's not worth it. Thanks for listening to me ramble. :)

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  1. We all make bad decisions Kev. I am happy to hear you learned from it and without harming others! :)