Friday, February 15, 2013

Some Things Are Bigger Then The Game!

           Much Respect to former Crew player Robbie Rogers who retired from soccer and came out that he is gay in a press release last night at 1 AM London time, Robbie Rogers helped the Crew win Supporter Shields and MLS cup when he was with the Crew and he will be forever MASSIVE in that regard. But he will be even more MASSIVE for taking the brave step to come out as gay. Hiding who you are from nearly everyone around you takes a severe toll. He took the brave step of being honest with himself and those around him. Coming out as gay is hard in any circumstances. It's especially hard in the sports world. I applaud him for that. And I wish him luck and continued success with the next chapter of his life. He will always be Crew and Crew nation stands behind him. Stay MASSIVE MY friend!

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