Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random Thoughts From January 12

It's Saturday January 12th 2013 and I had a lot of random thoughts that occupied this confused man's mind. So I thought I would share them with you. In, as is custom, no particular order. Sit back open a beer, ponder and enjoy.

 It's almost impossible not to giggle after saying in a high pitched voice "jubee jubee!" Go ahead and try it, I dare you.

 I can't wait until marijuana becomes socially accepted and legalized nationwide. Because the TV commercials are going to be awesome! (This Bud's For You.)

 It feels like a dance fight night.

 What's up with all this tuck rule talk in Denver? Is Rupaul officiating this NFL playoff game?

 This Gun Debate is getting as old and boring as American Idol. Is there anyway we can cancel both of them?

 What is this fascination with everybody wanting to comment how cold it is in January?

  Does Narwhal tears make the sea salty?


 Nicki Minaj in charge of picking talent on national tv is not only scary but socially irresponsible.

  That teen age mom who waxed her three year old's eyebrows that's catching a lot of flack online. She must of felt really angry, because the eyebrows overshadowed the botox injections she bought her daughter for her 3rd birthday.

 I wonder what goes through the mind of a streaker before he decides to streak? I venture there's probably a lot of beer going through it.

 Astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe. Payton Mannings head.

So there you guys go. Just some of the many provoking thoughts that crosses this very confused man's mind. Please feel free to dissect, analyze and discuss. 

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