Sunday, April 14, 2013

Arty Party GIF Goes Viral.

I got up this morning and turned on my computer to a showering of messages on Twitter and Facebook. All referencing a GIF of me going crazy on the internet. My first question was, what's a GIF? I found out it stood for Graphics Interchange Format. Instead of getting all technical a GIFs can be used for small animations and low-resolution film clips. So, I went looking for the one with me on it. I found it and to my surprise it was of me dancing at the Columbus Bluejacket's game against the Chicago Blackhawks.  So instead of explaining it, I'll just share it with the link.
The amazing thing about this, since it's download about twenty four hours ago, there has been over 1.6 million views. That totally floors me. I could not believe it. It's very weird to think who's looking at it as we speak? Where are they looking at it, and what do they think about it? And do they like it? All these questions just leaves this man confused.

Oh, by the way, here is the full video of where that GIF came from. If you wanted to see it.

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